I have been using various synchronizing addons/tools like Google browser sync tool, Xmarks (previously foxmarks) to keep my information like bookmarks and passwords sync between browsers at various locations. Recently stumbled upon Mozilla Weave. From their website

What is Weave?
Weave is a Mozilla Labs project to explore ways in which the browser can broker richer experiences on the Web, by integrating more closely with online services.

What is Weave Sync?
Weave Sync is the first component of the Weave project to be available for testing. It is an add-on and a server which allows you to synchronize browser-related personal information (such as bookmarks, history, saved passwords, open tabs) to a server and all your devices. You can use Mozilla’s server, or you can set up your own as well (see here for instructions)

With all the other tools, I have been always reluctant too sync my passwords because it has to be stored on their servers (I know its encrypted and all but in my opinion it was still risky), or setting up those sync through my own server was not an easy job. But with weave I was able to setup the weave server (Weave Minimal Server) on my box in less than 15 minutes (yeah it was that easy).  Now I can sync even my firefox sessions (open tabs, etc) across various computers.

Present limitation for Weave is that it is for Mozilla firefox only, but since it is open source and API based I think it will be available for other browsers too in future.