Recent Photos Plugin for WordPress

Recent Photos Plugin: can be used to display recent photos from your media library in the sidebar.

Detailed Description:
Recent Photos Plugin provides with a widget to display n numbers of photos in the sidebar.
The display can be customized through custom css or integrated in main style sheet file of your theme. Plugin also provides an option to use Thickbox (along with the patch code necessary for running thickbox on wordpress).

New Dedicated Server

Today, I just ordered a new budget dedicated server with following configuration Processor – AMD Phenom II X3 2.6Ghz Memory – 4GB RAM Hard Drive – 320GB SATA2 Bandwidth – 10Mbps Unmetered IPs – 7 included Operating System – Cent OS...

Android Vs Iphone War is ON!!!

Have a look at the Video ads In my opinion its just that Competition will bring out best from both worlds only thing I found bad with iphone (Apple) is their tie-ups with specific carriers and the bad customer service of those carriers (atleast here in Japan, Softbank...
Testing Flicker Post 2

Testing Flicker Post 2

In this method I will be posting the image directly I have setup a @fl trigger in pingpressfm settings and see if that posts it to flickr Result: @fl trigger doesnot seem to work with pingpressfm rather I guess its sending the body content with the location of the...